Full Version: FTP access for unranked servers confirmed
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Yes it's work Smile
it's possible to up mods ??
Tutorial video in first post.
So i uploaded CMMOD on my server, but how to run this mod?
i uploaded too the cmmod on my server, but how set the fs_game ? I try set fs_game mods/mp_cmMOD_beta and map_Restart but it doesn't work
fs_game is protected. You can't use it.
And which command i must to use ?
Wait for mod tools release.
ok, but when the mod tool release ? -.-''
Nobody knows.
Cant i load the mod on the server because we cant change the command line? mhm fail Big Grin

edit :

fs_game mods/mp_xenon
fs_game is write protected.

nc ..
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