Full Version: Fable 3 v1.1.0.3 +16 TRAINER
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[Image: fable3trainer.jpg]

Trainer Tittle:                                          Fable 3 v1.1.0.3 +16 TRAINER LinGon              


Please make sure to press the info button on the trainer to view the options and hotkeys and additional Info.

Please start the "Game first" than one's the game running, minimize the game and run the trainer!
witch ever order should work, but starting Game first is recommended than use Alt Tab to minimize the game and run the trainer restore the game and Activate the trainer!

Important: before you can use the trainer options it's important to know that you must first Activate the trainer when the game has finished loading.
To Activate the Trainer Please Press The "F12" Key on your keybord when the game  has finished loading or while in game playing and wait for the activation sound to be heard.
after the the trainer has been activated the trainer is actiavted and you may select what option or options to enable. the readme!

Trainer File Title:

Fab3+v1.1.0.3 +16 TRAINER-LinGon
Free Trainer

Trained By: LinGon

Thank's and Enjoy!


Download here:
updated to the latest version. (didnt changed the picture...lazyness)
thx alot <3
not working for me. as 90% of all PC programs >_<
fix your PC!
everything seems to be fine with my PC)) its my arms growing from ass xD