Full Version: C++ Hack Tutorial
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Well,this isnt really a "MOD" Request, but i didnt know where to put this(please move if its false). I want somebody who could write down a nice(and big) Tutoial, where u explain, how to code a little hack with C++. A wallhack or a simple aimbot or something. This would be awesome, cause i want to start making some C++ Stuff Big Grin
The Open-Source MW2 hack that themonsterman sold and made him rich:
Thx Nova,
but a Tutorial would be great, cause i dont understand very much of that code. Blush
C++ ftw i maked my trainer lol... still don't get it why ItsSingleLoader don't work Sad
A good tut is d0hs simple pinball trainer...or the win32 beginner tutorial i posted, depends weer you want to start.