Full Version: Doh! vs assasinate3d
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lol these 2 guys going at it on ****.net is just priceless Big Grin keep it up doh
Go d0h !!!!!!
?? i am not guilty

(03-01-2011, 09:00)d0h! Wrote: [ -> ]?? i am not guilty


lol doh! dont lie, but its not ur fault he cant copy and paste Tongue
Lol where?
(03-01-2011, 10:11)surtek Wrote: [ -> ]Lol where?

its on the site that master131 is minon on its MP**.net
d0h will win ^^
its not even a fight, its just...trolling
still funny though... him getting the shits at u Big Grin
I hated assanited since i joined thatt site..his long sig pissed me off + he is like No.1 leecher