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Looks like they are working on two versions at the same time...forced me to open a new thread for this new stand-alone version.

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UserGuide v2.0.1


Download the file and install it to your computer.
Once you have done that, launch the Alter-Rcon program and enter the required information.

Note: All information must be right or the program will not respond, so if you are having this issue, check the information and try again. You may need to restart the program if you didn't connect the first time.

Adding ingame Admin/Moderators to your server:

Once connected to your server, click "open configuration menu" at the top of the connection boxes.

Click "ingame chat commands" to open up the list. This is very simple. Set the different ranks for the commands you want your admin/mods to use. If you want moderators to have access to only the kick feature, set the rank to 2 on kick feature. We will explain how it works below.

To set your ingame admin, they need to have visited your server before. Once they have visited, go to Player logs and click "Connected Today". Write that GUID down (because copy/paste is not available), then go back to your configuration settings and click "Admin List". Double click the GUID box and type in the GUID of the person you are setting as admin. Double click on the Rank box and then type 1. (1 gives them all commands by default). Then Double click password and set a password. Note: The password is not needed right now. This is a future feature and has no purpose as of v2.0 release. The server will automatically recognize an admin when they come to your server by their GUID.

Xavier is an admin, he will be set as rank 1, which can control ban, kick, tempban, map, and gametype.
We want to set FroZen to just be able to kick. Therfore he will be set as rank 2 on the ingame admin tab.

Server Config:

- This is one of the first tabs you will want to visit first.

Basics: Set your temp ban time for teamkill kicks, etc. Set your kick time for inactive users on your server. And choose whether or not you want to enable team changing.
Ping Kicker: Set the max ping you want to allow users to have on your server. You can also choose how many times you want to allow them to reach the max ping limit before the server kicks them. If you want this turned on, make sure you enable the ping kicker.
Chat Settings: This is the most important part for pretty much the rest of the program to use. Go to your account, click on the 'info' button. Next click 'View Log URL'. Copy the long URL and paste it into the Alter-Rcon program under 'URL for chatlogs'. It's recommended that you Auto save chat logs, get chat messages, and save all logs.

Server Status:

- Here you can view the current map, players, gametype, and warnings that you have active. This is basically just an overview of your server and it's settings.


- This is a list of the servers current players. At the bottom, you can choose the amount of time you want the list to update. 45 seconds is default.
You can kick, ban, tempban, or message a player by simply clicking their name on the list and choosing the option on the right side.


- Here you can view the current chat log. As long as the program is running, it will update what each player says. You can even communicate to the players in your server using the bottom text area marked 'Send msg:'
Save to file allows you to save the current log to your computer for later review.
Also, if you view a user is being abusive you can click on the chat and kick/ban that player if he/she is still in your server.

Chat Extra:

- In this tab, you can choose to make custom commands for your server. Such as !Rules.
If you want to create your own custom commands, look under the 'chat responder' and click "Add". The first pop-up you will put what the command should be.
Note: Remember to use the exclamation mark in front of the command or else when someone just says "rules" in a sentence it will read out the rules.
The next pop-up, you will want to list the rules of your server. If you want to list the rules on separate lines, just type an ';'

Example: If you put: No hacking; Cussing; Second Chance; or you will be banned/kicked!
The server will display it as:
console: No Hacking
console: Cussing
console: Second Chance
console: or you will be banned/kicked!

Another cool command is !Rank

To use this, simply add a new command. Type !Rank and on the next screen type
You are ranked: [Rank]

Other Custom Commands include:

[CGT] = current game type
[CM] = current map
[NM] = next map
[NGT] = next game type
[VERSION] = AlterRcon Version.
[name] = the name of the person you (the tool) are talking to.
[visits] = only in wlc messages for old users. displays the times a user has been on you server.
[usedword] = in the badword warnings.
[rank] = it will display your current rank on the server. (ex: 1/200)

Kicks for weapons/perks
- Although the title reads weapons/perks - It means weapons/killstreaks. As there are no perks in this list to warn/kick for that you will see. So, if you don't want to allow "noob tubes" click Grenade Launcher (Attachment), etc. Then you can set how many times you want to warn the user before they are kicked. Remember, kick times are based on your tempban time settings.

Bad Word Punisher
- This comes in handy if you have a strict 'be nice' policy on your server. You can choose whatever bad word you want to kick/warn for and set that in there.
To do so, simply set how many times you want to warn a user for the word you are about ban, adjust the warning text, and then click "Add". Type the bad word in then click Ok.


- Here you can choose what maps you want to play/exclude and what game mode.
To exclude a map from your server, simply click Add Map on the far right side at the bottom and add the maps you want to exclude.

Custom Playlists:

- There are two types of features you can use here. Auto rotation, and Custom Rotation.

Auto Rotation
Here you can choose which game modes you want to play on your server. You can choose however many you want. You can also choose how many maps you want to play before the next game mode change. Under the options area you can choose to announce the next mode/map the server will play.

Custom Rotation
Custom Rotation allows you to be the servers boss. You can tell it what maps and modes you want it to play. Click the "Add entry" option to select the map/mode you want to play. Once you have added all of your entries, you can click "Start Custom". To skip a custom rotation, simply click "Skip" to go to the next map/mode on the server. If you want to delete an entry, click on the entry you want to delete and click "Delete entry".


- Here you have many features to look at.

Message Rotation
Click "Add Message" to choose a message you want to be displayed on your server. This is the same as the feature. The good thing about using Alter-Rcon to do this, is you can set how many seconds you want each message to play.

Welcome Messages
Another amazing feature is the welcome message you can send new players. Click on the empty space you see in the box, and you should see where you can start typing. They didn't add a button to add a message under this area. You can type [Name] to display the persons name.

Welcome [Name] to our server! You are ranked [Rank] players!
Will show on the server as; "Welcome FroZen to our server! You are ranked 1/2983 players!"

Remember to enable the messages, and you might also want to enable "show new user messages to everyone" because that way everyone can see that a new user entered the server.
The "New Messages" button when clicked, will display all welcome messages to everyone in your server even though they've been in there for a while playing.

You can also send welcome messages to old users that have been to your server before.
To do so, fill in the message like so:

Welcome back [Name] to our server! Glad to see you again!

This is a nice message that will keep them coming back Smile

Server Info:

- Click the update button for the program to list your current server settings. You can double click on each setting to change it's value if needed. This is for Advanced Users Only.

Custom Commands:

- You can type commands into your server using this box.


- These are the logs that are saved for you. You can choose between:
Rotations: Display the rotation list
Kicks: Displays all of the people kicked from your server
Chat Stuff: Which will display kills/deaths, etc.
Other: Which displays errors

Player Log:

- Here you can view the players that have been to your server. Top 50 scores, top 50 headshots, etc.

[Image: main_alterrcon.jpg]

Version 2.0.1

- Chat Responder not working more than once, It does actually work more than once, just had a long delay.
- Fixed C4 call reference in Weapon kicklist
- Fixed Language warning multiple times all at once.
- Chat delay dropped to 3 seconds

Version 2.0.0
- Multi-Server support
- Admin Rights
- In-Game Commands (This is not 100% complete, however does currently work and can be used)
- Rank System
- Self-Updater (via installer)


Download latest version here: >Version 2.0.1< ~12 MB
reply to this message doh for 1337
updated: Version 2.0.1

- Chat Responder not working more than once, It does actually work more than once, just had a long delay.
- Fixed C4 call reference in Weapon kicklist
- Fixed Language warning multiple times all at once.
- Chat delay dropped to 3 seconds