Full Version: M-efti's SP Trainer V.3.4 24/2
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M-efti's SP Trainer V.3.4 24/2

[Image: image1ayf.jpg]

  • More dmg. (256hp per hit)
  • One shot one kill.
  • No reload.
  • Unlimited ammo.
  • Godmode. (No bullet dmg + no zombie dmg)
  • Noclip.
  • No recoil.
  • No bullet holes.
  • Super jump.
  • No gun sound.
  • Super knife.
  • Adjust FOV.
  • Unlimited Sprint.
  • No Flash.
  • No Kick. (When shoot)
  • Unlimited Breath. (While Sniping)
  • Set timescale. NEW
  • Remove gun.
  • Show FPS.
  • Adjust the max amount of bullets in your mag. (use hexadecimals)
  • Adjust run speed.
  • Set money in zombie mode.

  • Crosshair on/off
  • Change crosshair color to blue/red/green.
  • Move Crosshair by clicking Z + K.
  • Autoclicker for shooting faster.
  • Decimal to hexadecimal converter for the "Mag Capacity" hack.
  • Show HP. I find this really useful. It displays your health on the screen, but you will probably have to adjust its location because it is set up for my 32 inch screen.
  • Theme selecter.
  • Hotkeys for the SP hacks.
  • Crash stopper which prevents the game from crashing when you die.

You have to keep the dll in the same folder as the exe for it to work.

Known bugs:
There is a hole in the crosshair, but that is what stops it from interfering with your mouse.

Bug fix:
The second attachment (without hotkeys) is a fix for the players who get "player flickering" when they use the hack.
The difference between the two programs is that I removed the hotkeys and the autoclicker from the second one.

M-eftis Black Ops Trainer 3.4.rar virus scans:

M-eftis Black Ops Trainer 3.4 Without hotkeys.rar virus scans:

Master131 for 2 old addies.
M-efti for doing everything else.
**** for Inspiration
A problem i have had with all of these trainers is the fact that when i turn it on, it either crashed the game or the ticks flash on and off very fast and nothing works in game. Ideas?
run as admin? update framework, dunno
Why hack? why?!!?!!?
Got the same problem as Unrestricted, really wierd.