Full Version: Quarantine Chaos Zombie Mod V2
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Quarantine Chaos Zombie Mod V2


* A custom round system, so map doesn't have to be reset every time
* Random Submachine Gun, Shotgun, and Pistol at beginning of round
* 100% all time active shop menu, as to not disrupt gameplay
* Random Machine Pistol, Assault Rifle, or Light Machine Gun when upgrading weapons
* Game Start when night sets in
* Fog is generated to limit your sight
* Ability to Customize your weapon with attachments
* Number of Alpha Zombies selected are determined by number of players
* Alpha Zombies are slightly faster than normal zombies and slightly stronger
* All Zombies can buy health, thermal vision overlay, or throwing knife
* Doors, Blocks, and Elevators Opens Up more of the map to play on.
* Doors can be broken down by zombies
* Zombies can buy throwing knifes, To prevent uber camp pwnage
* State of the art, Reconnect Prevention
* Perks to be bought

* iZ3r0 - for the admin menu
* killingdyl - for the original mod
cs 1.6??

excuse me im not a leecher....
no. MW2