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Hello Forum,

when you look in the MW3 Files of your Mw3 , there is a file iw_06.iwi there are the weaponskins of all weapons from mw3 right? when you change a skin its changend in the game but only for you.

My question is at the server webinterface is the same file, when i change there a weaponskin, is the skin changed for all clients of the server? Huh

mfg dud

I know the server uses iw_02 (headf model,player models ,card icons, etc), it is not possible with skins folder iw_06 , hmm
if the server is using sounds , skybox,ets to it was very cool,
Cool , (create black sky box, change skin model zombIEZ, ets...)
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No. Not possible. If you replaced something in /main/iw_ - only you'll hear/see sound or texture. All files which are in main/iw_ are client-sided.

That's why it's called 'mods' - you can create custom iwds which will be downloaded to every client, so everyone will see/hear (sounds) item which you have placed to iwd file. Unfortunately, it's not available for MW3/BO2 etc.
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