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private server
Hi can someone help me how to allow teamchange in my private lobby? I've found how start private lobby to play wager macht w/ friends or botz but i can't make CW cuz teamchange don't work.
My question is: How allowed team choice?
Need rent server only to do this? Also there's a mod to allow only teamchange?

ui_allowteamchange 1

(11-29-2010, 18:53)SuperNovaAO Wrote: ui_allowteamchange 1
thanks i'll tri it, before i've tri only sv_allow_teamchange 1 from consolle but don't work.

To play wager match go to list "betting server" find a gametype then "devmap mp_nuked" or other map, send invite to your's friend and play............

If wager match start and there'nt friends online, exit go to training lobby, devmap again ( if u like demigod or only god in game) and masacre the retardet botz.
After first macht no more cheat, use fast_restart before new map or again devmap mp_NameofMap

maybe work only w/ g_gametype oic, no mater i got 4millions codpoint

Don't leech to other forum pls or they will pacht it like SP consolle

ow the teamchange option requires you to fast_restart

(11-29-2010, 18:53)SuperNovaAO Wrote: ui_allowteamchange 1

Don't work for me, but why they remove it?
Finaly we rent unranked server for 1m to solve this, lazy 3arc...........

this thread is close after new pacht, only last question about it:

Can be possible change grace period for teamchange or is locked to 60 sec?
Take off autobalance can help to get free teamchange?


Yes, disabled autoteambalance and you should be able to switch the team whenever you want.

and vote maps
if you dig true the world... what comes up first your feet or your head ;qq

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