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pc case
sup there guys i am wondering to buy a new pc case cuze it actually overheat i guess it msot be that cuz the pc freezes then it doesnt responds.
my problem is idk wich case i should choose so all my pc pieces can fit in there and above all i am scared so the pc motherboard is not gonna fit with the pc case i would buy then i need to buy a new power supply right?
my motherboard is a original so comes with hp link down here.
ty for help!
thats a mATX Board, it will fit in every Tower
dont know if you need a new PSU cause you dont posted the info about that.
if its too weak then you cant run a proper gfx card from it

HAF912 or 922, CM Storm, CM 690 or perhaps Obsidian Series would be my recommendation. it all depends on how much money you want to spend
whats ure opinion about this if i change my motherboard then the case should i change something more if i change this things? idk if my motherboard is weird but i have now a gtx 460 on it but it sucks cuz i dont have extra pci express slots free and i wanna set a video capture card on it. i think maybe this motherboard its too litle idk what ure opinion?
why dont you use this thread? its yours.

i would replace it with a new system, if you can spend that money
this is my old pc i am gonna buy a new one but in the summer ( somewhere in juny) and i just cant pay 1000 euro right now and i bought bf3 and my pc crashes for overheating :(

or is it another way to keep my pc cool so it doesnt overheat ?
yeah just get a new case with a good airflow!

front and side (optional) as intake
top and back as exhaust

positive air pressure = more intake than exhaust
negative air pressure = sucks

a proper case has 1 or 2 front fan(s) + optional 140mm fan in 5.25 bay area (ghetto mod)
1 or 2 top fans
a side panel fan
rear fan
okey ty doh i will get the HAF912 ty for ure help :D
you are welcome
do i need to change the power supply if i get the HAF912?
no, of course not. but you need a new one when you upgrade your system with new parts

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