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Well hello guys... im back so i wanna show you game i like Wink

osu! is primarily played using a mouse to click 'beats' displayed on-screen in time with the music. This is analogous to tapping the beats on the Nintendo DS screen with a stylus. At the top of the screen, a health bar is present, which is constantly drained. If the player hits or clears a beat, the health meter at the top of the screen fills slightly. If he misses a beat, a large part of the meter is drained, and if it gets completely empty, he fails the song. There are three types of beats in the game: Hit circles, sliders and spinners. Every time the player hits a hit circle or an end circle, touch a slider tick, or clear a spinner, the combo is raised by 1. If he misses any of the above, the combo is reset back to 0.

osu! is now beyond its time in many areas, with a huge focus on web integration and community aspects. Features are added based on people's requests, and their perceived usefulness to the community as a whole. The map submission process (Beatmap Submission System) is seamless and intuitive from start to finish. Importing songs, loading skins and playing the game is simple enough for almost anyone to handle.
Multiplayer support is available. New gameplay modes are implemented to expand the scope of this game beyond its original expectations.

So : osu! is a rhytam game who improves you to play with the circles,sliders,spinners.
You have taiko mod(which are real taiko game..)
And CatchTheBeat(Where you catching fruits)


[Image: 29pw6qg.jpg]


[Image: 34phwn4.jpg]

Link for game(need to be registered for download songs and play the game) :


My picture account :

[Image: et7j1z.png]

[Image: ejd4w8.png]

[Image: 2cxajra.png]

Videos :

osu! :



My osu! profile :


Well that is it for now... i am modding little bit btw i play this game if somone want to play this game with me you know where you can find me : MrKillerLife(Steam)
The YT videos he posted do not correspond about how the game actually can be.
Almost all popular English songs are available with or without the actual video clip and you can easily avoid this anime crap.
I saw the Title and threw up.
Weird game, never heard about it but it looks funny if you are bored.
lol this game rules ;D

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