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my intro
hey everyone my name is d.j. my gamertag is lizurd.
im 36,live in N.Y.
im a head admin of the GCF clan (http://www.thegcfclan.com) we are mainly a blops clan but we play all kinds of games
i play all the cods,lotro,wow,and a bunch more.
im not new to this site.i dont post much but i love the mods everyone has created.
thanks for all the Tutorials. ive never done any mods until just recently.and ive learned alot. please continue to make more and more fun mods.i like the fact that they are available to the public. the mods give us a chance to play something new other than the same old games. maby someday i can learn how to make em. well thanks alot,and game on!!!!
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  • aosma8, barata, crAyon, d0h!, JariZ, Nekochan, surtek
Hello and welcome!
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click
Nice to meet you, welcome
good intro, welcome to our little but exclusive community

hope you enjoy your stay
Welcome, i hope you enjoy your stay, and collaborate to make our little but exclusive community bigger!

OMA says hello!

Thanks Barata...
Don't worry if things aren't the way you planned, in the end everything will solve itself...
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  • d0h!
Welcome OMA
Welcomeeeeeeeeee to ITSMODSS!
Welcome, newcomer. I'll not be your guide but I can redirect you to my good friend @barata, he will be your guide. Good luck!
[Image: MaEIQ.png]

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