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i need help to mod :D
hello i need a (clean) mod folder with all the importent files ready to be modded and loaded, because i need a place to put my takeweapon (ak74u_mp); command and how to do it so please help me Smile
hello here is my mod that doesnt work it wont disable the ak74u can anybody download it and figure out why? Big Grin


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.rar   mp_hvv.rar (Size: 332.75 KB / Downloads: 10)
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attachment approved
(06-27-2011, 18:51)d0h! Wrote: attachment approved

try this http://www.itsmods.com/forum/attachment.php?aid=675
I like turtles
[Image: thumb-275x274-design-609.png]

that thing right there has like over 9000 errors
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