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Quote:Morales went to the store shortly after midnight to buy the game but became discouraged by the long line of customers. He then considered taking it from somebody so that he could get it for free.

Thats when Morales spotted Adam Freeman leaving the store with his reserved copy of the game. Morales allegedly followed Freeman to his apartment in the 2000 block of N.W. 68th Terrace. When Freeman pulled into a parking lot stall, Morales allegedly parked his red Ford Explorer behind him, blocking him in.

Freeman stepped out of his car when a young man wearing a hood approached and racked a round in his gun.

Give me the game! the gunman ordered.

(Expletive) you! Freeman replied.

The gunman racked another round, causing the first round to eject and fall on the ground. Freeman grabbed the guns barrel and pushed it back toward the gunman. The pair struggled briefly before the gunman climbed back into his vehicle and sped away.

Freeman ran to his apartment and called 911.
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