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hey tsup dudes

what dou you think about escelation leave an comment below

its the trailer

i think the map convoy is a good and funny map for sniper
just equip your fav. sniper lets have scavenger pro (for more ammo in the begining so u dont have to run down to resuply some ammo)
then warlord pro (u have more than 2 flashes/stuns and more grenades)
maraton pro (if u get aut of ammo just make a quick run downstairs resuply get upstairs then get some kills Big Grin)

i think warlord pro and scavenger pro are one of best perks are and ofcourse maraton pro
nice thread!
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  • armeenzzz
ololo rofl
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(05-08-2011, 14:37)Eekhoorn Wrote: nice thread!

bedannkt man.thnx

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