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aIW Master Server
Hello Guys.
You Guys Know that aIW or alterIWnet is Now Pwned By Activision Because Of Copyright Law.
In Our Country There Is NO copyright Law Being Executed and Now We Ran a New Modern Warfare 2 AlterIWnet master server As A BIG middle Finger To Activision. Fuck yea!
Because The tutorial Is In Persian , Im Gonna Prepare An English Version Of The TUT , And You Can Play AlterIWnet MW2 and Use The Serverlist Again.

Thanks For Reading.
i Keep You Posted. OzonE Out.
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  • Arteq
I don't understand that you still haven't figured out that we're against alterIW and all those other cracks and that we don't support nor help users that use such stuff. This thread is going to get removed i'm afraid
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  • OzonE
i Thought You Guys Like It... No problem , If You Want I remove It Myself.
where is it said? i will disagree. 70% of itsmods used to play alterops alteraiwnet and altermw3. and it was cool. there were mods. cool coders were coding @alterIWNet. and the thing that our forum does not provide help to users of aiwnet doesnt mean that WE are against. and the opinion of few people doesnt mean it either. thanks wildcatozone for bringing it back.
[Image: r212360a129ce9b84444093b6cd2699013a1fbn155.png]
This Is The Persian Master Server That Responds To Clients And You Can Set Your Dedi Servers Up Again. [Image: masterserver_1.jpg]

For Clients , You Can Download This Executable That Sets The Primary Master Server To Ours.

And For Server Admins, You Can Put

set masterservername server.mw2.ir


set masterservername server.mw2.in

In Your Server.cfg File, And You're Gonna Be All Fine.

Also, The Game Client Folder Should Look Like This:
[Image: mw2_ir_folder.jpg]

If You Missing Any Of These Files , You Can Download Em Here:



I will Keep Uploading DLLs To The Host.
Thanks All.

OzonE Out
exactly @G-Man , the fact @SuperNovaAO and few other people are against it doesn't mean everybody is
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
we disallow every form of warez related content.
you either buy the game or you need to get help from somewhere else.

zero tolerance
This thread has been moved to the boards archive.
Contact a moderator in case you want to contribute to this thread.
It is not that we want to delete every warez, it is because in our country there is a copyright law and we want to have itsmods.com stay online.

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