Poll: What should IW do?
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CoD4 remake with better graphics
5 45.45%
CoD6 remake
0 0%
finish making CoDs
1 9.09%
i should fuck myself
3 27.27%
2 18.18%
Total 11 vote(s) 100%
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What should IW do?
Should Infinity Ward just do a CoD4:MW1 remake with better graphics?
Nyan Cat
[Image: ctoc.jpg]

...be independent und create pc games instead of crappy console imports
...stop copy pasting the same game over and over again

What will Activision ask IW to make next?


What I want them to make?
herpaderp, make a new cod (Like they advanced from cod2-cod4, or they could even make/buy a new engine, but the problem with the new engines is that some people would not like it, i'm talking about those who don't have "good" computer specs) which takes like 2-3 years, and give exclusive things to the PC:

- Mod support from the start (So no .GSC's, but just so @SuperNovaAO doesn't have to work his ass off to make some modloader that works)

- Actually good working mod tools (Not like Treyarch did in BO, a 1/6 of all the source game files...), they can take their time to make this, as long as we have some kind of mod support from the start...

- Radiant along with the mod tools when they're ready to be released

- 64 player maxlimit for PC, but 18 players maxlimit in ranked servers.

- Developers console (with ALL dvars, not like Treyarch did in BO...)

- Ranked matchmaking + unranked dedicated servers (even though I hated this, it actually worked great from a developers perspective)

- Mods allowed in private match/unranked dedicated servers

Do that, and everyone will be happy...
PC gamers will get what they finally wanted, and console players will get the same old shit they always wanted.

sry forgot to write "they should make something damn new and release mappacks fro free only for PC gamers"
thats the best Awesome
[Image: ctoc.jpg]

@Rendflex, the problem with a new engine is that consoles get into trouble running these new games properly. cause 6 year old hardware!

just compare for example, BF3 on PC and Console, they needed to throttle the fps to 30 to run the game smoothly on a console. you will recognize this if you know how the game runs on a PC.

as long as there is no new eggsbox or lamestation = no new engine

Yeah, that sucks Sad

B-b-but what about the frostbite series then?
How do they manage to make it work on the eggbox?

i wrote that, they decrease the fps to 30

By tuning down the graphics and making it run on 30 fps

Make new cod, do the things that are listed above + only make pc version of the game.

lol @Tomsen1410 . they already made an remake 2 times.

and definitely mod support, even for consoles (plugin flash drive with mod into USB, copy to some folder on console, take out and enjoy)
but from what I've heard from @surtek and @SuperNovaAO , modding won't be possible with steam version. game reads what gamemode is host running, and then downloads gsc's from iwnet. so not only host needs edited .exe, clients need it as well.
and it's more than likely no one is going to risk a ban for just playing a mod. playing, not hosting, which also probably results in ban.

we need to wait for alterMWTree
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