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What are trojans?
so the title says it all, so i restarted my router because it was running like shit... so i turned off the computer and the next day i get on it comes up with this firmware update and it keeps saying i need to turn off my firewall for it too work, so i was a little suspicious so i got McAfee going and i did a scan and it says i have a trojan. mcafee got rid of it but everytime i do a scan now it comes up with a trojan. and whenever i start up the computer it comes up with that you need to update your firmware for your router and saying that i need to turn off my firewall setttings........ what do i do to get rid of this constent thing?.. plus my computer has been running a little bit slower, if that helps any.....
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Trojan is a virus that hides under name of safe brand / program. It probably sits in your boot sector of PC, running everytime after PC starts. NEVER do what it asks you for, your PC will get infected
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Download Malwarebytes Anti-Maleware, and run a quick scan, then a full scan ( if you have time) , it might be a false positive ( Mcafee is crap and detects legit programs as viruses/trojans/ etc and when you look up the name it doesn'nt even exist).

the malwarebytes thingy is pretty good and it doesnt matter if you have time to run a full scan or not..YOU NEED TO TAKE THE TIME (deep scan etc..)
anyway, here are some other steps:
  • download hijackthis too and run it (analyze the log file on the homepage)
  • and for future references: use a sandbox/VM to test suspicious files
  • hit win key + R and type in msconfig -> systemstart and remove all marks from programs that you definitely dont know (google for *.exe that you dont know before you unmark them)
  • open hosts file and clear it up
I really dont want to know why you have a condom in your computer....

Seriously, if it doesnt go away when you're using MBAM download rkill then use MBAM again.
also what is scripto32.exe? i tryed to look online but that didnt help any
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Use AVG, it's kept me clean for >3 years. (Either that or my common knowledge)
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(06-26-2011, 20:11)ScHmIdTy56789 Wrote: also what is scripto32.exe? i tryed to look online but that didnt help any

Quote:scripto32.dll and detail of scripto32.dll:

scripto32.dll description :We received the samples of scripto32.dll on 2010.09.02, and detected it is a virus. scripto32.dll Description: scripto32.dll is a maleware,scripto32.dllfile size of the samples we received is 19K bytes, File Path: D:\Winnt\scripto32.dll Antivirus Program Report:

Infected Countries:

Spain, , Spread Level:8, Threat Level: 2
File typeConfusedcripto32.dll is a dynamic link library file., Detected Virus files Beheavor as following:
Uses special functions to hide itself from user control panel and processes list
Terminated as a Process
Usualy have random filename and refers to many versions of a dynamic link library
Get the email address or personal information
Visits web sites on your PC security
Links to an autoexec.bat file
Executes a Process

scripto32.dll remove instruction

1. Temporarily Disable System Restore, Reboot computer in SafeMode;

2. Locate scripto32.dll virus files and uninstall scripto32.dll files program. Follow the screen step-by-step screen instructions to complete uninstallation of scripto32.dll.

3. Delete/Modify any values added to the registry related with scripto32.dll,Exit registry editor and restart the computer;

4.Clean/delete all scripto32.dllinfected file(s)Confusedcripto32.dll and related,or rename scripto32.dll virus files;

5.Please delete all your IE temp files with scripto32.dll manually,run a whole scan with antivirus program ;

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