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Tutorial Rapid Fire Script
Hello Gujs,
Today I Wanna Share A Rapid Fire Script Works On MW3 Black Ops And games like that Note:
i'm not responsible if you get banned use at your own risk seriously im not responsible if you get banned ! Fuu
How It Looks Like: [sorry fot the lag] Y U NO
[Image: giphy.gif]

Step 1. download Autohotkey <--- click there

Step 2. when You Have Installed it right click on desktop etc and pick autohotkey script

Step 3. right click the file u created and pick edit script

step 4. enter the code:
SetMouseDelay 30
If (GetKeyState("LButton","P")=0)

Then Save It and right click the file and pick compile script then a new file shuld pop up on your desktop then run it and start your game and RAPID FIRE TIME !! Nyan Cat

press P to pause the script or if that dosent work to pause the script try hold left mouse button and p to pause

ENJOY !! Big Grin Awesome

[Image: One_Man_Army_Bag_render_MW2.PNG]

I don't think that you can get banned for using this, becaause it's just input manipulation. Also nice one! Nyan Cat

Also please hide GIF into the spoiler, my laptop goes crazy while loading this page.
C++/Obj-Cdeveloper. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click

In MW2 there was another cheat for autohotkey, it was a combination of the keys E (knife) + G (equipment) + 1 (change to first weapon). Take a look if that one still works.

The last time I checked steam vac terms, Autohotkey wasnt bannable.

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