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Tutorial Make your server ranked
com_maxclients 19
g_gametype tdm
mapname mp_havoc
playlist 1
playlist_enabled 1
playlist_entry 8
protocol 1044
scr_team_fftype 0
shortversion 7
sv_disableClientConsole 0
sv_floodprotect 4
sv_hostname BlackOpsPublic
sv_maxclients 18
sv_maxPing 0
sv_maxRate 5000
sv_minPing 0
sv_pure 1
sv_ranked 2                //<-----------
sv_security 1
sv_voice 1
xblive_basictraining 0
xblive_privatematch 0        //<-----------
xblive_rankedmatch 0        //<-----------
xblive_wagermatch 0
g_logTimeStampInSeconds 0

Credits: SuperNovaAO

but black ops has a hole new ranking system are you sure it will work?
[Image: HouseMD.gif]

What? That they said ranks are stored central?
MW2 has that as well, it's called the Steam Cloud and it stores your player profile remotely and when you click play it saves it.

trying to find the memory value to force it, little difficult to find the offset :[ Especially when it is only returning as a 1 or a 0. Read only ftl. Did something very similar to this for forcing sv_cheats 1 in MW2

to patch read only you need to fix 1 opcode, but then the game will close itself on mapchange.

Easier is loading a mod and use SetDvar(name, value);

Ah I imagine that would be a lot easier method. I tip my hat to you sir. Been fooling around a lot with t-search and an injector a friend made a while back in VB7. Been trying to fool with values to force the mod file. Just trying to get the general understanding of injecting those files or how to directly load em. Is it similar to exec xxx.cfg or is it something along the lines of physically forcing those files from a location straight into memory? Not asking for your secrets just a general gist of how to go about doing it. I have tried several methods with really bizarre results.

Ergh, disregard the process of how to do it. Browsed and searched. Sorry about that Super, but still the other things I was asking I am still quite interested.

How to make multiple xp per kill?

scr_xpscale >1

this seems to be patched, correct me if I am wrong

It is patched I just told my friend to do he said it didn't work

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