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[Tutorial] Loading Mods (With Mod Support 1.09)
umm I can't understand why I run itsmodloader.exe and show http/1.1 404 not found ???
read the mainpost, forget the itsmodsloader
is it possilbe to run mod with combat traning like it was with mod loader ?
Yes Nyan Cat
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
well when i switch to mod in game menu then go to combat traning start it and its a default non modded game.. anything wrong im doin ? would u mind tell me the secret ? Smile
hi there
I have some mods that i would like to load to play with my friends
But when i load them on black ops i get in my private server, while loading shows mp_mod, ok...
when i get in, nothing
and my friends cant come to my private server when i try to load a mod.
Can you please tell me where can i download the mod support?????HuhHuh
(08-06-2011, 14:22)hienminh123 Wrote: Can you please tell me where can i download the mod support?????HuhHuh

??? read the mainpost
What file mod.arena do?
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click
(05-28-2011, 01:43)Gladio Wrote: Since Treyarch released Patch 1.09 with mod support, it's easy to load mods, and you don't risc to get banned.


1. Go to your black ops folder:
SteamApps/common/call of duty black ops
and create a new map called ''mods''
2. Go to the Mod Release section, download some mods, unpack them and place them inside the mod folder:
SteamApps/common/call of duty black ops/mods
3. Rename the mods so there's mp_ in front of it.
For example: rollthedice --> mp_rollthedice
SteamApps/common/call of duty black ops/mods/mp_rollthedice
4. Start Black Ops, and in the main menu, click on ''mods''.
5. Select your mod, it will boot the mod, the screen will also go black for a second, after that your mod is loaded. You are now ready to setup a private match & have fun with your friends Smile

You can also add this files if you want:

Add botz in your config_mp, they like Roll the dice mod.

thanks to SuperNovaAO for this Tutorial Video
i did this but i got fatal error can u help?


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