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Tutorial Got Custom Texture running on
Hi there i just tested to get custom textures working on
Its not hard to do but i will explain how to do this...

Ok i just downloaded the skypack from reylobo14 linked here:

ok so on.. Download this packet and unpack it and go into the folder where you can see the folder iw_06..

Rename this folder into images and then go and create a new zipfile.. Its important to set the compression on normal and only create a zipfile!! After that rename this zipfile into zz_texture.iwd -> you can name it like you want but important is that you put zz_ in front of the new name.. I tell you why it must be zz_ each time the server starts he will load all iwds from the main folder and then he will go to the mod folder and will load the other iwds but if there is a folder again iw_06.iwd he will ignore this cause it was still loaded.. so if you got the name zz_texture.iwd it will load this file at last and will overwrite the original textures.. You can do this with every texture you want to use.. Only create folder images put your custom images into it und make a zip and rename it.. The folderstructure must be zz_texture.iwd/images/" and your custom files ".
Just upload them into your mod folder, restart the server and be happy..
Sorry for my bad english..

Greetz M@C1981


[Image: kau6jgd7.jpg]

well done mac1981

i've had a custom sniper since the moment i rented my server.
its pretty simple.

make an .iwd with zip compression and name it mp_anythinggoeshere.iwd
put the /images/ folder with your texture inside it
upload to ftp
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not bad your texture
but the problem I see not how to mod The integration in the ftp
Are you a screm or can explain step by step because I lost a can
thank you

Nice job posting this man, going to be some sick looking guns in the future. Big Grin

Also, if this works with textures, could it work with sounds as well?! :o

oops moved to custom textures, but i will leave a redirecting here too
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how it's done for the Integration has a mod
if someone can tell me how to proceed
thank you

Its not working for me added all the textures i wanted 2 an .IWD file uploaded it 2 my ftp game doesent even downloads them ...


Thank You
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[Image: b_560_95_1.png]
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