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[TuT] How to mine for diamonds [TuT]
in this tut i will show you how to find diamonds...

Things you need:
Pickaxe (Maybe 2)
Shovel (for dirt)
an empty inventory
And patience (Tongue)

1. once you have all of that stuff (^^) your ready...
Now what you want to do is find a spot you want to dig

2. Now dig down in that spot until you hit adminium

3. once you hit adminium, take some dirt or cobblestone, and you want to go up 5 blocks... not 4 not 6 but 5 blocks up from that adminium...

4. Now you want to dig forward, just straight forward, this is where patience and the 2 pickaxes come in...

5. once you hit either iron or redstone your on the right track, lol just keep going straight...

6. after awhile, like 5-10 mins, you SHOULD hit diamond... if you dont start over and repeat the process...

If you need more help, refer to this video (which isnt mine Tongue)

It took my 2 tries with this method... first try i found 2 stacks of redstone...
and the second time i found gold AND DIAMONDS! so just keep trying this method and it will work eventually Big Grin
[Image: ScHmIdTy56789.png]

Big Grin nice
Nod at the bird and people die!

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