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Treyhard's Rulez

Huh. I dont think they can do shit to the PC community Big Grin

You can't enter the age on an iPhone. The site takes away the focus of the textinput as soon as it gets it...

Instant permaban. You will no longer be allowed to play the game online, and you will be reported to the console manufacturers.

Yeah, contact Apple that I use their hardware to sploit their game.

ho noo i'll banned 'cause i've ratio 39.0 on trainig mode? or maybe 'cause i'm so rich?
I got 4 milion creditz. Sometime i tri to hack betting lobby to boost my friendz too and let they kill me. so stupid talking about glicht all the map are shit. Super jump or over map will kill you and seams ther's nothing solid over the playground.
realy is not a joke treyhard rulez? why they don't think about the game, buggy and laggy? and what about steam? sometime lose my stat and all week someone try to tief my account.... ops this is oftopic.

really i can be banned 'cause i've play gungame w/ stupid botz and beat them w/out dieng? nooo is unfair

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