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Local debugging

In the game console or bound to a key:

Remote debugging

In the debugger console:

In the game console:
net_connect <optional game ip address>


F1                display help
1                display script window
2                display watch window
3                display scripts list
4                display call stack
5                display open scripts list
pause            pause game
F3                find next in script window
shift-F3        find previous in script window
F5                continue
F10                step over
F11                step into
shift-F11        step out
ctrl-tab        cycle script forward
ctrl-shift-tab    cycle script back
left mouse        select, move scroll bars, move center divider up and down
escape            exit debugger
ctrl-f            find next text in script window

All windows

page up            page up
page down        page down
mousewheel up    scroll 3 lines up
mousewheel down    scroll 3 lines down
ctrl-up            scroll 1 line up
ctrl-down        scroll 1 line down
ctrl-left        scroll 1 character left
ctrl-right        scroll 1 character right
ctrl-page up    go to top of page
ctrl-page down    go to bottom of page
ctrl-home        go to top
ctrl-end        go to bottom
ctrl-g            go to line
up                up 1 line
down            down 1 line

Script window

F7                add builtin command breakpoint
F9                toggle breakpoint
ctrl-F7            add disabled builtin command breakpoint
ctrl-F9            toggle enable breakpoint
ctrl-F10        run to cursor
enter            go to function (and leave a breakpoint marker)
left mouse dbl    go to function (and leave a breakpoint marker)

Script list window

enter            add script file to open scripts list
left mouse dbl    add script file to open scripts list

Watch window

enter            clone element, go to breakpoint
left mouse dbl    clone element, go to breakpoint
left            collapse element
right            expand element
ins                insert element
backspace        delete element
del                delete element
F8                toggle conditional breakpoint
F7                enable builtin command breakpoint
F9                toggle breakpoint
~                edit element (change name or value)
ctrl-F7            disable builtin command breakpoint
ctrl-F9            toggle enable breakpoint
ctrl-x            cut element
ctrl-c            copy element
ctrl-v            paste element
shift-del        cut element
ctrl-ins        copy element
shift-ins        paste element


enter            commit choice
~                cancel choice
escape            cancel choice

Open scripts list

backspace        delete entry
del                delete entry
ctrl-x            cut entry
ctrl-c            copy entry
ctrl-v            paste entry
shift-del        cut entry
ctrl-ins        copy entry
shift-ins        paste entry

Watch window notes

1) Changed variable values turn yellow and fade to white over a second when not at a breakpoint.
2) When script location hits a disabled line breakpoint, it turns yellow and fades to white over a second when not at a breakpoint.

Watch window special expression key

$t        thread
$a        builtin command argument
$e        entity
$h        hudelem
$p        pathnode
$v        vehiclenode
<entity> breakon( <string> )        Current hit count of specified notify - set breakpoint on this.

Found this in common_mp.ff, not sure if it's useful or not though.
[Image: 30xhrep.png]

A casual conversation between barata and I about Nukem.
There was a thread about this a few weeks ago. It's only for treyarch people I believe. Couldn't find a lot about it in the .exe
[Image: MaEIQ.png]
Yep there also is a radiant readme somewhere, I think they left it so they can Troll
Is same in mw2, Wink
[Image: veovuq.png]
I guess they like to troll the community
You need connect to demonware server to get debugger working. Also you can find some cfg to unlock all achievement and weapons for debugging pourpose (was part of "BOintervention"? never matter anyway patched).
I've radiant to in my raw folder, useless w\out direct connection.

3arc said to release radiant after Rezurection DLC, steam also make an update for BO and no more fun w/ zombie
I do not think they allow you to convert zombie maps to MP soon
Hope radiant gets released soon, was great fun in WaW Smile
nice find master131

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