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Request Weapon DLC Blacck Ops 2
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Now, I would like to say first before anyone goes biting my head off I don't reckon this is the first time any has come up with the idea so calm down before you spaz out.

I would like to create an executable file that acts the same way a cracked dlc installment would to add new weapons to multiplayer, now for myself I have a cracked version so I play offline and this wouldn't get me banned or anything like that, it is 100% for people who have a cracked game and want to muck around with other guns.
I know that people have done stuff like used the ray gun in Black ops 1 in multiplayer so it is possible I know, and plz don't go lecturing me about how they are two different games so it is nothing alike. I am pretty new at this but I do know a little bit. I'm thinking that to work on it finding the ray gun stats and info in the gsc files and somehow adding them to the create a class in multiplayer, probs into secondary specials and obviously no attachments.

So all I really want tto know is anyone willing to help, or If anyone has done it or can link anything that is already done in my favour that would be fantastic.

why don't you download redacted it has everything on it.

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