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Request Searching a combat training aimbot.
Hi i''m new and i search a combat training/private match aimbot

i tryed the catalyst-hax one but when i start it it finds the game after that the window is gone.

i also tryed cod7bot the windows says that the hack is loaded and stuff but i don't have aniting in the game.

can someone give my a hack taht is working or maybe someone knows a simple code.

im assuming that you didnt right arrow key ingame?
i pressed the key but no menu or someting came.

what i did:

I downloaded the hack from here: http://bit.ly/lm7AJr
i dragged all files to the desktop
then i started the hack as admin
then the game (not in a window.)
the hack window disappeared i don't know if that's normal
i made a combat training.
i set the vac to that players can cheat.
i pressed the key

was that right?
Tried this method instead?
-- Start your game first, Alt-Tab out, start the hack and Alt-Tab back in
same if i press the key no menu comes..
why would you even want an combat training aimbot xD if you had prestige in combat then i would say its usefull but it isnt
(08-15-2011, 21:28)armeenzzz Wrote: why would you even want an combat training aimbot xD if you had prestige in combat then i would say its usefull but it isnt

When you accomplish something, your brain rewards you with a great feeling in your body. Since all you have to accomplish in FPS games is getting kills, some people wants more of that, but aren't skilled enough to get it by themselves, so they turn to hacks. At least this guy uses it in combat training - or so he tells us..
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Contact: im[at]jensby.me
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