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Request Paid Plugins got your attention?
Hello, since the game's quite old and everyone seems like they just cannot be bothered helping out anymore, here's an insentive to anyone who wants to make 30 bucks for a little bit of coding.

Our group just rented a 18 slot dedi server, it's on a windows host.
We have 30 bucks left over, so if you wanna get paid 30 bucks for all your hard work great. Here's what i need asap.

Quote:1.) A plugin that shows a simple message to the actual person who joined.
this message needs to be easy editable.

2.) A welcomer plugin that shows everyone in the game someone new has joined but it has to be-able to check the users prestige level, and if they have a vac ban on their account just like MW3SA does.

If their vac status is good it's in green, if not it says ban on account and lists how many days old. The text displayed again needs to be easy editable.

3.) A way to stick a perminate message at the very bottom of the screen (will be our website/forums address) this message again needs to be easy editable.

4.) A proper working Timed Messages plugin that works.

5. A plugin that puts bots into the server using !bot x number !bot leave x number.

6.) Finally a plugin that works, when you type !rules it brings up some text, again has to be editable.

Last but not least, you have to provide all the tools nessasary.
Pointless telling me you need nukems addon, then find out it no longer exists.
or telling me well you need this addon/plugin to make it work, and find out that no longer exists or works either.

This should be a snap! for most people here, considering the amount of other plugins they've made way more advanced.

Why only 30 bucks? Well it's the exact money less 1 cent we have in our paypal from the server payments.

good luck asking for that 2. isnt possible
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]

[Image: b_560_95_1.png]


Actually, you nees to check SAT admin mod... It has a lot more than you have ever seen... Such as chaos bullets... Tank bullets and much more... But beware coz if you are runnig your server in plus mw3 it will coz server to be fully lagged so tekno mw3 is advisable... If you want the link just tell me and I will let you have... SAT Ver 1.0.3 cheats have been deleted..

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