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[Request] Nice C# tutorials
Hmkay, you annoy me so much when say that VB.NET is Puke

I decided to TRY to learn C#. Can somebody give me linkez to nice tuts? Not separate ones, but a... well, a chain of tutorials going one after another. starting from minimal basic understanding of how-it-works and ending with medium level?
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C# sucks. Real coders code in Assembly.
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(02-19-2012, 22:24)OrangePL Wrote: C# sucks. Real coders code in Assembly.

Yea, i didnt code in asm now i have to learn lulz.

But start in C# then keep on learning, C# is just the beginning!

Thanks Barata...
Don't worry if things aren't the way you planned, in the end everything will solve itself...
Dat's offtopic guys
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You want to learn how to program?

Don't use C#.

Learn some basic language like C. Move on to C++ if you like C. If you don't like C, you maybe shouldn't program at all.
Learn math.
C++ Heart
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this forum is crazy. no, seriously, when I use Visual Basic everyone says "BIATCH LEARN C# OR GTFO" now when I want to learn C# everyone says "BIATCH GO LEARN C++ OR GTFO" so what do you actually advice to learn?)))
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No one ever says 'learn c#' they just say vb.net is shit. C# is easier to learn.
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