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Request Looking for TS2/3 Server
doh with his 35 y/o texas smoker accent Awesome
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

also ts3 server is up , needs updating and is only online when my pc is lol but u can use it

w00t, we need to arrange a certain time to all go online so there are actually other people in the teamspeak as well
how about this weekend or something? Maybe we can play BF3 with eachother? idk.

so which one, i am on @XeroK s ts right now

i dont know if you guys are still looking but i have a clan TS3 dedi server with enough slots on if you would like to use it i will put you a Its mods channel in if you like IP

I can give donate a full TS server, not just a channel. It is on a full dedicated at gameservers. Up 24/7.

PM me if you are interested D0h! and I will set it up and give you an admin token. From there you can create whatever channels you wish.

thanks guys, much appreciated, ill get back to you

Let me know if that dont work out.. I am an server administrator and have access to a team-speak server (Or maybe 2) that we can dedicate to the Itsmods crew.. Not just a channel.. a whole TS3 server.
Let me know..

Master at Arms for First Unit Gaming

[Image: 981929.png]


It is not only for just itsmodders, but anyone in the I[/i]tsmods community that want a place to hang, Game, game together, chat together and more!

You do not need a mic to participate.. or headphones.. texting is allowed to all!!
Lets use the crap out of this server folks!!
Master at Arms for First Unit Gaming

[Image: 981929.png]

i wanna join that server too Smile

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