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Yeah why not so cool Wink
WHAT? Are you serious god... NO!
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Request How about chat?
Hello SuperNovaAO i wanna to ask you how about you create chat so we can chat example in this picture :

[Image: 35izty9.jpg]

So nova what about it? Commen't Below so we can see your comments ;D

Yellow hurts eyes. SO REAL!
itshax has a chat but its not very active since mw2 is dead

and pls stop using those big letters
Actually I really agree that itsmods.com needs a chat, either it's outside or on the forum I don't care, the itshax chatbox has nothing to do with itsmods so yeh why not get a chat Big Grin

+1 for ivankec
Didnt the shout/chatbox kill UF?
yes bloop, nova tried to add a chat to the forum but it lagged the server
I say no.
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]
IRC perhaps.
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(03-29-2011, 20:59)Bloopbloop Wrote: Didnt the shout/chatbox kill UF?

yeah, shared webhosting.

(03-29-2011, 21:13)d0h! Wrote: yes bloop, nova tried to add a chat to the forum but it lagged the server
Some chat, the one we have now doesn't.

yeah i am a fan of irc, we had that for a while too. then too many jerks whined about that its too complicated etc..
bring back irc!

@ nova: nice, isnt it the chat on itshax?
http://chat.itsmods.com this chat rules.

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