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Request Fifa 15 Autobuyer
So I was looking at the Fifa 15 Companion App on the Play Store and I thought that maybe it would be possible to create some sort of an autobuyer/autobidder apk for my HTC One (Android) that logs in using the companion app rather than the conventional webapp login method that past autobuyers have used.

If this does not seem possible for what ever reason, a PC program would also be acceptable (I have Windows 8.1). This method would login through the webapp of course. I'd just prefer a phone application so that I don't need to have my computer running 24/7.

If you're unfamiliar with what an autobuyer or autobidder is, it essentially searches the Fifa transfer market for players under a set price and either buys the player or bids on them. Once the player is won it automatically re-lists him on the transfer market for another set price, the goal obviously being to make a profit.

There are a few other features I have in mind which I would like to discuss at a later date. If you're interested please reply to this thread or contact me via private message to negotiate a price for your services.


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