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Request Dust on map?
Okay, so I'm having troubles wrapping my head around GSC coding as it is, I'm not sure why there are so many files and what belongs in where. I've read multiple posts on multiple forums and I can't understand how to work this command Confused

level._effect[ "nuke_aftermath" ] = loadfx( "dust/nuke_aftermath_mp" );

What I want is for someone to be able type a command (+dust) in the console and have the map covered in the smoke and debris from a nuke.

I've tried placing this code into the onPlayerSpawned() section, but I just don't understand what I need to type so I can put +dust into the console and have it execute the command, any help?

Place that code inside Init() function, is just a command to make the game recognize a certain effect.

The only thing that line does is declare the variable level._effect[ "nuke_aftermath" ] and assign the value the function loadfx returns when passed "dust/nuke_aftermath_mp".

I hope that clears up your confusion.

For the files, you need to place them in the same structure as they are in the normal game. For example war.gsc resides in maps/mp/gametypes. And if you modify an original file you'll need to not only include the modification but the whole file, that includes the normal game code.

To actually use the effect you'll need to read this tutorial:

Finally, to wait for a certain command you can use this code:
self waittill("+dusk");

Which will start a loop that will wait for passed parameter to happen.

If you find all of the above intimidating, try changing an existing mod so you get the concept. And then start creating your own.
Three mods you can easily download and edit/tweak:

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