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Request Blank name?
Is there a way to have a blank or unreadable name?

Every time I try to insert unicode or ascii characters, I get reset to Unknown Soldier.
i thnk you can get banned for try ?? not sure but
Well, so far I've been reported over 9000 times for cheating.

I don't think Treyarch has the power to VAC manually or deny you access to multiplayer. I think all they can do is reset your rank.

Which I won't be too hurt for.

I made it to prestiege 6 level 50 in a week.
They cannot manually VAC ban. VALVe can.

They can disable you from multiplayer though.
Well I look forward to getting my multiplayer disabled.

This game sucks a huge cock.
the name must be longer than 3 chars or else you will be known as "unknown soldier"
I tried ALT+255SPACEALT+255SPACEALT+255SPACEALT+255SPACE but it gets reset.

Any time there's an ascii character in there it gets reset.
put color code and let same space, u need 4 valid caracter let at the end , dont remember how many caracter but are more in steam then bo

^^00^1^2 ^3 ^4 ^5 abcd
Oh well. I guess the only way to do it is with memhacks.

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