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Release War Room Survival | Final

April 9th, 2015. 2:35 AM

[Image: 2015-04-09_00003_zpstraapxp1.jpg~original]

War Room Survival, the final version. This version is more polished than the now outdated versions. This mod takes you into blackops zombies FIRST "custom" map. You and up to three(four total) other teammates are set to survive within the walls of the Pentagons War Room. This level contains a variety of perks, wall weapons, and the random weapon box. Test your skill and don't give up, compare your stats with friends and spread the word.

This mod includes:
Fully functioning perk machines w/ 4 originals | PhD Flopper | Who's Who | Wall Buys (mp5k, stakeout, pm63, frags, bowie, claymore) | Random Weapon Box | Pack-A-Punch | And hours of entertainment |

War Room Demonstration videos

Slightly outdated whos who demonstration but the perk works almost the same way.

A slightly outdated gameplay demonstration. Things weren't too polished.

Lead Developer: George1589 (Darkstare6423) - Coder

Co Developer: Antlions (Utamia) - partial coding and everything else

General Help : Sailormoon, Cyborgking

If you find any bugs PLEASE leave a comment to let me and my friend know, we're eager to send any bugfix update.

DOWNLOAD ---> War Room Survival Beta v1.1 <--- DOWNLOAD

War room survival has been updated from the now obsolete beta version to beta v1.1!

War room survival has met its completion.

Do you need a DLC for this to work?

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