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Release Valkyrie Mod
Big Grin 
Hey there people,

This is my first Black Ops mod although I have made MW2 mods before so don't judge too harshly.

This mod is pretty simple: everybody gets Valkyrie rockets with unlimited ammo.

[Image: 2Q79d.jpg]


I used a video tag which I shouldn't do. I should just post the URL to the video. Now I learnt from my mistakes and I will now edit my post to fix this.

Bots are enabled by default, killstreaks are disabled by default since the game considered the rocket itself a killstreak and kills received by it can't count toward future k/s rewards. One note is the rocket explodes when the player dies. I threw in some other easter eggs Wink. I hope you guys like it!

Included in the *.zip:
_rank.gsc - main code
_weapon.gsc - remove Valkyrie as a killstreak/hack weapon
_tvguidedmissile.gsc - edits to the rocket script

See attachments for downloads.


Morty (themortifyd)

[Edit] fixed attachment

Attached Files
.zip   Valkyrie_Mod.zip (Size: 26 KB / Downloads: 131)
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  • d0h!, Eekhoorn, faramire, No One, Tomsen1410
good work
love the song
(03-12-2011, 10:31)Eekhoorn Wrote: love the song

Russian Rap?
I have a strange feeling this is Ivankec. Someone check his IP
YouTube 1: Azumikkel - Modding
YouTube 2: DerpShark - Gaming Entertainment
Website: Jensby.me
Contact: im[at]jensby.me
(03-12-2011, 12:59)AZUMIKKEL Wrote: I have a strange feeling this is Ivankec. Someone check his IP

i saw this was posted on mpgh.net ages ago
Well, it could be ivankec, but the ip's doesn't match.
Quote: i saw this was posted on mpgh.net ages ago
I posted on one or two other forums a few months ago with other mods but I didn't find this idea anywhere else so I decided to make it myself.

Quote:I have a strange feeling this is Ivankec. Someone check his IP
No guys I'm not ivankec Angry; I don't advertise my name all over the mod, and I'm not a full time scripter. Google mortifyd or themortifyd. I do enjoy Russian rap however. That was DIAT - Volga if you're interested. Thanx for the good comments btw.
Why he was banned? Big Grin
Anti spam system somehow. I'll look into it.

Yep, the post he posted before the one from Tomsen1410 was marked as spam.

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