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Release Ultimate Combat Training v1.54
Lots of things achieved altered and added for combat training.
-Gore and ragdolling for all weapons.
-New weapon camos.
-Play with up to 29 bots in a match.
-All gametypes added.
-Lots of changes to gameplay and weapons.
-Extensive options menu and extensive .cfg file to edit.
-Much much more...

.zip   mp_uct1.54.zip (Size: 8.19 MB / Downloads: 689)

-Along with the mod,I also release the source materials.

.zip   mp_uct_v1.54_source.zip (Size: 2.28 MB / Downloads: 134)

You can view screenshots on moddb.com;

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Mod dont work it says:
Exceeded limit of 850 'menu' assest.

Do you know how to fix it?
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This works for me, although some labels (I don't know what they're called) are blank like the 6 additional custom classes. Also it looks like the gold camo is still locked, but you can actually buy and equip it. It seems like it's broken when you load up a game and there are no bots, but you actually have to change the amount of bots from 'blank' to an actual number.

Other than that I think this is good! Nice to have the gold guns in CT!
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