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Release Trickshot Dummy V3
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Basically a copy-and-paste from another post.

Main features:
• Actionslot 1 (Default key 'n') to Open/Close the menu 'Teleport/Main Menu'.
• Ammo in your stock regenerates two seconds you reload.
• Equipment regenerates four seconds after being used.
• Special grenades regenerate six seconds after being used.
• Unlimited lives (E.G Suicide shots in Search and Destroy).
• Wherever a bot is placed is where they will respawn next.
• Name of the current menu you're in, in purple.
• Forward/Back keys to navigate up and down in the menu.
• Left/Right keys to swap menus (Yellow names indicate what menu you'll swap into).
• Jump key to make your selection.
• Snipers are a 1 shot kill.
• Players can only be on the player team
• Bots can only be on the bot team.
• Removed all splashes (1 shot 1 kill, first blood, longshot).
• Removed all challenge splashes (500 Intervention kills)
• You can't open the menu for 2 seconds after you have killed someone.
• You can't open the menu while you're dead.

Teleport/Main Menu: (Now supports DLC maps)
• Grenade key to spawn 1 bot.
• Actionslot 2 (Default key '5') to Move bots.
• Actionslot 3 (Default key '3') to teleport to first location.
• Actionslot 4 (Default key '4') to teleport to second location.
• Smoke grenade key to teleport to third location.
• Activate/Use key to teleport to fourth location.
• Jump key to toggle in and out of UFO mode.
• Melee key to save your position.
• Reload key to load your position.
• Forward key to set your respawn point at your position.

Equipment Menu:
• Frag Grenade - Self explanatory?
• Semtex Grenade - Self explanatory?
• Throwing Knife - Self explanatory?
• Tactical Insertion - Self explanatory?
• Blast Shield - Self explanatory?
• Claymore - Self explanatory?
• C4 - Self explanatory?
• Alternative Tactical Insertion (glowstick).
• Tactical Insertion with: (Claymore/C4, use reload key to toggle).

Weapons Menu:
• Choose a sniper as a primary weapon:
-> Choose an attachment.
-> Choose a secondary weapon: Machine Pistol, Handgun, Shotgun, Launcher, One Man Army, Second Primary.
-> Choose secondary weapons's attachment.
• Default Trickshot Class:
-> Intervention w/ FMJ & Fall Camo.
-> M9 w/ Tactical Knife.
-> Throwing Knife.
-> Stun Grenades.
• Load last saved class - Self explanatory?
• Give created class on spawn - Self explanatory?

Killstreak Menu:
• UAV.
• Care Package.
• Sentry Gun.
• Predator Missile.

Character preferences menu:
• Set ammo in stock to 0 - Self explanatory?
• Set ammo in clip to 0 - Self explanatory?
• Refill Everything - Regenerate everything in your class.
• Regen. Ammo On Reload - [true/false] - Self explanatory?
• Regen. Special Grenades on use - [true/false] - Self explanatory?
• Regen. Equipment on use - [true/false] - Self explanatory?
• Use custom spawn point - [true/false]: You know that thing I said you could set at the start of this post?
• Performance Mode - [true/false]: Enables r_fullbright and disables fx_enable... for shit computers.
• Commit suicide - Self explanatory?

The following menus are for the admin (host)

Match Settings menu:
• Damage mode:
-> Snipers only: Snipers kill, but nothing else touches them.
-> Snipers and hitmarkers: Snipers can kill, but any other type of damage hits them for 1 hp.
-> Normal damage: Just like a public match.
• Explosive bullets: (Will not work with 'normal damage' selected)
-> Off: off...
-> Close: If bullet lands about 4 meters away, it will kill them.
-> In 360 FOV: If you can look around and see the bot, you will kill him.
-> Everywhere: If you shot, you kill them...
• Crosshair size: (If 'straight' is selected, It will revert to 'Steady Aim' for the killcam)
-> Commando: Regular size.
-> Steady Aim: The size of steady aim.
-> Straight: Crosshair is a little '+' in the middle of your screen.
• Slow motion: (Speed will be normal in the killcam, I advise using yawspeed to spin)
-> Off: Normal speed.
-> 75 Percent: 75 Percent speed.
-> 50 Percent: 50 Percent speed.
-> 25 Percent: 25 Percent speed.
• Host Migration: (Put "/bind 'key' +hm" in the console, then press that key to use it)
-> Single use allowed: Anyone can use it at any time.
-> Admin toggles for everyone: When the admin presses his host migration key, it applies for everyone.
• Low care package drop - [true/false]: When true, drops the care package just on top of the marker.

Change map menu:
• Reload key to swap between DLC and normal maps.
• Melee key to change to the second page in normal maps.

Bot settings menu:
• Control bot: (Applies when you move bots)
-> Use Reload/Melee key to cycle between players.
-> All: Move all bots to that position.
-> Bot name: Moves specific bots.
-> Player name: Does nothing.

Kick Player Menu:
• Press jump to kick a player
-> Once there is more than 9 players use the reload key to swap to the second page.
-> Cannot kick the host.

Some binds:
• Open the console and type:
To be put in Final Stand: /bind 'key' +fs
To re-give created class: /bind 'key' +gl
To be put in host migration: /bind 'key' +hm

I think that about covers it. I know if I went through all my code I'd find little extra things that aren't really worth noting, like removing the match timer in the beginning of the game, for example.

- Enjoy, Boots :3

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  • Arteq, Creased, MrxWarhead, Nekochan
Sorry for this question, I think so many people have already asked this but do you think you are able to develop this mod for Modern Warfare 3 ?
(10-31-2013, 23:11)Creased Wrote: Sorry for this question, I think so many people have already asked this but do you think you are able to develop this mod for Modern Warfare 3 ?

Maybe one day, mods for MW3 are a lot more difficult to make, for me at least.
(10-31-2013, 23:11)Creased Wrote: Sorry for this question, I think so many people have already asked this but do you think you are able to develop this mod for Modern Warfare 3 ?

Well, there are no mods in Modern Warfare 3.
Please, don't call it 'mw3 mods'. MW3 addon system is the most ugliest system ever.
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
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