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Release Trickshot Dummy V3
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Basically a copy-and-paste from another post.

Main features:
Actionslot 1 (Default key 'n') to Open/Close the menu 'Teleport/Main Menu'.
Ammo in your stock regenerates two seconds you reload.
Equipment regenerates four seconds after being used.
Special grenades regenerate six seconds after being used.
Unlimited lives (E.G Suicide shots in Search and Destroy).
Wherever a bot is placed is where they will respawn next.
Name of the current menu you're in, in purple.
Forward/Back keys to navigate up and down in the menu.
Left/Right keys to swap menus (Yellow names indicate what menu you'll swap into).
Jump key to make your selection.
Snipers are a 1 shot kill.
Players can only be on the player team
Bots can only be on the bot team.
Removed all splashes (1 shot 1 kill, first blood, longshot).
Removed all challenge splashes (500 Intervention kills)
You can't open the menu for 2 seconds after you have killed someone.
You can't open the menu while you're dead.

Teleport/Main Menu: (Now supports DLC maps)
Grenade key to spawn 1 bot.
Actionslot 2 (Default key '5') to Move bots.
Actionslot 3 (Default key '3') to teleport to first location.
Actionslot 4 (Default key '4') to teleport to second location.
Smoke grenade key to teleport to third location.
Activate/Use key to teleport to fourth location.
Jump key to toggle in and out of UFO mode.
Melee key to save your position.
Reload key to load your position.
Forward key to set your respawn point at your position.

Equipment Menu:
Frag Grenade - Self explanatory?
Semtex Grenade - Self explanatory?
Throwing Knife - Self explanatory?
Tactical Insertion - Self explanatory?
Blast Shield - Self explanatory?
Claymore - Self explanatory?
C4 - Self explanatory?
Alternative Tactical Insertion (glowstick).
Tactical Insertion with: (Claymore/C4, use reload key to toggle).

Weapons Menu:
Choose a sniper as a primary weapon:
-> Choose an attachment.
-> Choose a secondary weapon: Machine Pistol, Handgun, Shotgun, Launcher, One Man Army, Second Primary.
-> Choose secondary weapons's attachment.
Default Trickshot Class:
-> Intervention w/ FMJ & Fall Camo.
-> M9 w/ Tactical Knife.
-> Throwing Knife.
-> Stun Grenades.
Load last saved class - Self explanatory?
Give created class on spawn - Self explanatory?

Killstreak Menu:
Care Package.
Sentry Gun.
Predator Missile.

Character preferences menu:
Set ammo in stock to 0 - Self explanatory?
Set ammo in clip to 0 - Self explanatory?
Refill Everything - Regenerate everything in your class.
Regen. Ammo On Reload - [true/false] - Self explanatory?
Regen. Special Grenades on use - [true/false] - Self explanatory?
Regen. Equipment on use - [true/false] - Self explanatory?
Use custom spawn point - [true/false]: You know that thing I said you could set at the start of this post?
Performance Mode - [true/false]: Enables r_fullbright and disables fx_enable... for shit computers.
Commit suicide - Self explanatory?

The following menus are for the admin (host)

Match Settings menu:
Damage mode:
-> Snipers only: Snipers kill, but nothing else touches them.
-> Snipers and hitmarkers: Snipers can kill, but any other type of damage hits them for 1 hp.
-> Normal damage: Just like a public match.
Explosive bullets: (Will not work with 'normal damage' selected)
-> Off: off...
-> Close: If bullet lands about 4 meters away, it will kill them.
-> In 360 FOV: If you can look around and see the bot, you will kill him.
-> Everywhere: If you shot, you kill them...
Crosshair size: (If 'straight' is selected, It will revert to 'Steady Aim' for the killcam)
-> Commando: Regular size.
-> Steady Aim: The size of steady aim.
-> Straight: Crosshair is a little '+' in the middle of your screen.
Slow motion: (Speed will be normal in the killcam, I advise using yawspeed to spin)
-> Off: Normal speed.
-> 75 Percent: 75 Percent speed.
-> 50 Percent: 50 Percent speed.
-> 25 Percent: 25 Percent speed.
Host Migration: (Put "/bind 'key' +hm" in the console, then press that key to use it)
-> Single use allowed: Anyone can use it at any time.
-> Admin toggles for everyone: When the admin presses his host migration key, it applies for everyone.
Low care package drop - [true/false]: When true, drops the care package just on top of the marker.

Change map menu:
Reload key to swap between DLC and normal maps.
Melee key to change to the second page in normal maps.

Bot settings menu:
Control bot: (Applies when you move bots)
-> Use Reload/Melee key to cycle between players.
-> All: Move all bots to that position.
-> Bot name: Moves specific bots.
-> Player name: Does nothing.

Kick Player Menu:
Press jump to kick a player
-> Once there is more than 9 players use the reload key to swap to the second page.
-> Cannot kick the host.

Some binds:
Open the console and type:
To be put in Final Stand: /bind 'key' +fs
To re-give created class: /bind 'key' +gl
To be put in host migration: /bind 'key' +hm

I think that about covers it. I know if I went through all my code I'd find little extra things that aren't really worth noting, like removing the match timer in the beginning of the game, for example.

- Enjoy, Boots :3


Sorry for this question, I think so many people have already asked this but do you think you are able to develop this mod for Modern Warfare 3 ?

(10-31-2013, 23:11)Creased Wrote: Sorry for this question, I think so many people have already asked this but do you think you are able to develop this mod for Modern Warfare 3 ?

Maybe one day, mods for MW3 are a lot more difficult to make, for me at least.

(10-31-2013, 23:11)Creased Wrote: Sorry for this question, I think so many people have already asked this but do you think you are able to develop this mod for Modern Warfare 3 ?

Well, there are no mods in Modern Warfare 3.
Please, don't call it 'mw3 mods'. MW3 addon system is the most ugliest system ever.
C++/Obj-Cdeveloper. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click

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