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Release Surprise
THats it, buying teh game!
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  • d0h!, SuperNovaAO
The video from youtube have removed.

Video in first post still works.
Guess it doesn't work in some countries, thanks for the mirror

What a original music choice, treyarch. activision
MORE advertising please, i WANT more hype.....thanks to the marketing machinery, awesome-n-e-s-s, great work

HERE BITCH TAKE MY MONEY, but please leave me alone

its all about advertising, it doesnt matter if the game sucks or not, you just need to be confronted with it in magazines, on tv, in the internet for a couple of weeks = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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Is there a list of the starring celebs?
Good music, good actors, good trailer... shit game Dumb Bitch
[Image: r212360a129ce9b84444093b6cd2699013a1fbn155.png]
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[Image: Surprise+mothafucka+I+care+_58822db9753f...6a8bdf.jpg]
Thanks for the video
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click
Wait wait wait hold up there THEY GOT CELEBRITYS TODO A VIDEO :0 OMG THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE FARRKKKING AWESOME NOW!!!! ,thank god i was starting to worrie about whether or not this game would be worth even looking at glad i seen this to settle my mind ..
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