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Release ScHmIdTy's !Tree Monster!
This is my second mod! (I actually wrote some of the script myself Fuck yea! )

What Is In The Mod:
- Your guy is a Tree
- Your able to toggle 3rd person on/off (<--- wrote that script myself )
- I also included @4FunPlayin 's raygun mod

How To Use:
- The bush foliage is in afghan, so use that map! (or the monster wont be true!)
- When the game starts look in the top right corner to learn how to use the toggle

- @Yamato (for his general knowledge of .GSC modding)
- @4FunPlayin (RayGun mod)
- Nyan Cat

Virus Scan

Attached Files
.zip   ScHmIdTy\'s (Size: 6.17 KB / Downloads: 25)
[Image: ScHmIdTy56789.png]

Good Job!Awesome but i can't trySad

Nyan Cat asks if its a christmas tree?

War of the Ents
YouTube 1:Azumikkel- Modding
YouTube 2:DerpShark- Gaming Entertainment
Contact: im[at]

Hmm i see you are evolving, nice work again keep like this and become a greater modder every day!

PS: Make a Christmas Tree With OMA Presents on it.

Thanks Barata....

(12-23-2011, 10:06)barata Wrote: PS: Make a Christmas Tree With Presents on it.

[Image: knapp01.png?w=480]
[Image: ScHmIdTy56789.png]

(12-24-2011, 01:59)ScHmIdTy56789 Wrote:
(12-23-2011, 10:06)barata Wrote: PS: Make a Christmas Tree With Presents on it.

[Image: knapp01.png?w=480]

If you can make one for derail with OMA and red and green lights, you could be my hero, Cool

you really added 4funplayin's raygun?
that's the best raygun for mw2.
i couldn't get it working

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