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Release SHOGUN 2: Total War Trainer
[Image: shogun2.jpg]

  | :::::::::   ::::::::  :::   :::  ::::::::  :::    ::: |
  | :+:    :+: :+:    :+: :+:   :+: :+:    :+: :+:    :+: |
  | +:+    +:+ +:+         +:+ +:+  +:+        +:+    +:+ |
  | +#++:++#+  +#++:++#++   +#++:   +#+        +#++:++#++ |
  | +#+               +#+    +#+    +#+        +#+    +#+ |
  | #+#        #+#    #+#    #+#    #+#    #+# #+#    #+# |
  | ###         ########     ###     ########  ###    ### |
  |-----------------------------------< Game Reversing >--'
  |> ============
  |> GAME: SHOGUN 2: Total War
  |> PUBLISHER: Sega
  |> VERSION: v1.1.0 Build 3444 (main menu)
  |> OPTIONS: 2 (18 in full release!)
  |> DATE: 17-05-11
  |_                  **PROMO VERSION**


  1) Start the game and trainer (in any order)
  2) Refer to the hotkeys below (or on the trainer)
  3) Enjoy it!


  Trainer options are activated using the NUMPAD on the right side of the
  keyboard. You will need NUMLOCK 'On' for the hotkeys to works properly.
  Laptop users  may need to  plug in a  USB  keyboard  to get these keys.

  Special Shogun 2: total war note! All of the trainer options will
  auto-disable after taking effect unless otherwise noted! These which
  don't auto-disable must be manually turned off by you before hitting
  'next turn' in game. Otherwise the enemy may get the advantages! So,
  before emailing me complaining that the enemy is kicking your butt,
  check to see that you didn't mess up in this regard.

    Hotkey           Option
    ------           ------

    Num0             Add 100,000 to Treasury
    Num1             Progress 10 Seasons
    Num2             Retrogress 10 Seasons
   >Num3             Replenish Army [TOGGLE]  << PROMO!
    Num4             Deplete Army [TOGGLE]
    Num5             Replenish Fleet (Men) [TOGGLE]
    Num6             Deplete Fleet (Men) [TOGGLE]
    Num7             1-Turn Construction [TOGGLE]
    F3               1-Turn Recruitment + Ships [TOGGLE]
    F4               1-Turn Arts Mastery [TOGGLE]
    Num8             Unlimited Army Movement [TOGGLE]
    Num9             Unlimited Fleet Movement [TOGGLE]
   >Num /            Unlimited Agent Movement [TOGGLE]  << PROMO!
    Num *            Raise Income by 5000
    Num -            Lower Income by 5000
    F5               Large Food Surplus
    Num +            Super Slow-Mo (3D Battle)
    F6               Super Fast-Mo (3D Battle)
    F7               Demoralise Unit (3D Battle)
    F8               Bolster Unit (3D Battle)
    F9               Abilities Always Available (3D Battle) [TOGGLE]
    F10              Infinite Pre-Battle Waits (3D Battle) [TOGGLE]
    F11              Infinite Custom Battle Funds [TOGGLE]
    F12              Infinite Character Skill Points [TOGGLE]

  Detailed Notes

  Add 100,000 to Treasury: Immediately gives you more funds.

  Progress/Retrogress 10 Seasons: Immediately steps you either
   forward or backwards in campaign time.

  Replenish/Deplete Army: Activate one of these options and then
   click on an army, or a city in which an army is stationed,
   and it will either replenish the troops or set them to 1. Use
   the first for your own armies, and the second for enemies.
   Turn off this code once you have made the changes!

  1-Turn Construction: Activate this and then put some buildings
   into your build queue. You will see that they only need 1 turn
   to create now. If you already have buildings in the queue,
   enable this option, then click off and back on your queue to
   update them to 1 also. On the next turn they will be made.
   Toggle this hack back off before clicking next turn!

  1-Turn Recruitment + Ships: As above, but this one will serve
   to allow to create recruits and a navy in record time. Turn
   off before clicking for the next turn to be safe.

  1-Turn Arts Mastery: As above, but this one will serve to allow
   you to research the mastery of the arts items quickly. Turn
   off before clicking for the next turn to be safe.

  Unlimited Army/Fleet/Agent Movement: These codes will allow you
   to move any of your units on the map without depleting their
   movement points. If a unit has already ran out of movement,
   simply activate this, then click off and back on them, to
   refresh their points back to full. Turn this off after use!

  Raise/Lower Income by 5000: Use these codes to alter the amount
   of income you get from 'other' sources each turn. You can use
   the lower code to undo you chances from the raise code.

  Large Food Surplus: Instantly boosts your global food surplus
   (shown in the bottom-right of the HUD). Keep this turned on.

  Super Slow-Mo/Fast-Mo (3D Battle): This option will allow you
   to slow or speed up the live battle time, past the options
   given as standard by the game. To reset to normal, simply
   deactivate this option and then pick the normal speed in-game.
   How fast you can go will depend on your system specification!

  Demoralise/Bolster Unit (3D Battle): These options will allow
   you to vastly lower or raise the stats of a land unit in 3D
   battle games. The actual effective stats and numbers of men
   in a unit will likely not change, however it will trick the
   game and probably give you a large boost or decrement to the
   morale of a given unit, which could turn the tide of the
   battle in your favour. This option has not been tested much!

  Abilities Always Available (3D Battle): Units which own special
   abilities will be able to use them over and over without wait,
   when utilising this cheat. Works for you only, not the enemy!

  Infinite Pre-Battle Waits (3D Battle): Before a battle in which
   you are the attacker, you are given the chance to wait for the
   weather conditions to change. Normally, you only get a few
   chances to wait, but you can keep cycling with this code.

  Infinite Custom Battle Funds: Activate this cheat in custom
   battle mode, and then assemble the armies. You will be able to
   go into massive deficit, but still be able to start the game!
   Remember to turn this option off, just before entering battle.

  Infinite Character Skill Points: When your characters receive a
   certain level of XP, then will rank up and be granted skill
   points to spend. Using this option will allow you to spend as
   many as you like without running out. When you've finished,
   disable this so you can spend the remaining points naturally.


  If you encounter issues with the trainer not working, make sure you
  disable any firewalls/anti-viruses and other security software.

  If using Vista or Windows 7, run the game as 'Administrator' and
  disable UAC (user account control). XP users should run as admin.

  Generally, trainers should work on both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit)
  operating systems. However, some games have seperate elements for
  these two types, and so a trainer may not work if this is the case.

  If the trainer is getting flagged as malicious (this is false), and
  turning off your AV doesn't help, try to add it to the exceptions or
  whitelist, to stop it getting quarantined or deleted.

  There is a more complete trainer troubleshooting guide on the site:
  http://www.cheatscapes.com which you should consult if all of this
  doesn't help you. If after that you're still stuck, contact me.


  I aim to answer all email queries, but customers will receive
  priority support  for my full version trainers.  Any  abusive
  messages  will be deleted/ignored/reported, and you will lose
  the right to further support. A refund may also be denied.

  Please include your receipt of purchase if emailing me direct
  or, alternatively, contact me through CheatScapes.

  Email:     psych[AT]live[DOT]co[DOT]uk

  (Spamproof: Substitute the AT for @ and [DOT] for .)

  This  trainer release  is intended for singleplayer use only! I don't
  support MP cheating of any kind. Any queries relating to this trainer
  this  trainer  not  working  in  MP  will  simply  be  ignored.

  I will  not  be held responsible  if you use this trainer in MP modes
  and get banned,  or in any other way  suffer  negative  consequences,
  such as been branded as a cheater or placed on any watch lists.  You,
  and you alone, take any and all blame for any such actions.

  Your  continued usage  of this trainer, and any of my other trainers,
  consitutes your acceptance of  these  terms/conditions.  If you don't
  understand them,  please contact me for clarification,  or delete it.


  Full version releases are personalised  and encrypted  upon download.
  This is to  prevent  illegal distribution.  Users who are found to be
  engaged in such action  will have their  rights revoked  and will not
  be eligible for future trainers and updates. Please respect the work!

  Promo trainers may be spread freely  so long as they are not altered.
  Such releases are provided in order for you to test the compatibility
  with your system  before purchasing the full version.  As such,  they
  may have limited features  and  are  not  guaranteed to work for you.

  This trainer,  and all it's included features/code  unless  otherwise
  stated, belongs to me. Any duplication of said code, inluding but not
  limited to,  cheats,  artwork/design  and  this  helpfile text,  is a
  breach of copyright and thus a criminal offence. Don't steal or copy!

  Thanks to 'exylum' for kindly providing source. This release contains
  elements of that used to base the GUI on.  Thanks to 'energy' for the
  graphic design work on the interface. Thanks to the CheatHappens team
  for the opportunity and support surrounding CheatScapes.  Thanks also
  go out to everyone who purchases my releases, everyone who helps test
  them and those who provide helpful feedback. Greets fly out to all of
  my friends, contacts, fellow trainer makers and CheatScapes authors.

Attached Files
.rar   Shogun2.rar (Size: 90.84 KB / Downloads: 1,227)
My norton Anti-Virus marked it unsafe, so i had to delete your trainer....you always try to hack out PCs!!!
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to Peerless for this post:
  • JariZ
go away, file is safe and your antivirus had a false positive (google it)
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
nice find doh!
(12-03-2011, 08:53)Peerless Wrote: My norton Anti-Virus marked it unsafe, so i had to delete your trainer....you always try to hack out PCs!!!

lol internet kids nowadays. no idea how a trainer works
Hi hello, i have just downloaded your trainer. but norton anti virus kills it evry time i try opening it.. how do you stop norton in doing that, and why does norton do it ?
who the hell loves shogun?!
or i am the only one lover of cod? sad Sad
[Image: r212360a129ce9b84444093b6cd2699013a1fbn155.png]
(12-05-2011, 15:01)G-Man Wrote: who the hell loves shogun?!
or i am the only one lover of cod? sad Sad

This isn't a COD only forum, @d0h! is just trying to get google hits, so just let it be.
BTW Everyone here likes COD else this would be a shogun 2 forum
Great, doesnt seem to work -_-
And I know im kinda being a "know-nothing" Jackass here, but can something *800kb* actually work?
(07-12-2012, 01:45)Just_Stupid Wrote: Great, doesnt seem to work -_-
And I know im kinda being a "know-nothing" Jackass here, but can something *800kb* actually work?

This program only changes some value's. It hasn't a big algoritm or something like that. It probably doesn't work due version difference.

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