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Release RankedMW3 Plugin
Does what the title says. Requires Server Addon.

Had something like this for a few months now and decided to release it because fuck mw3. It's now based on a better method by NTAuthority (old method by Nukem). Converted to a plugin to guarantee further compatibility. Should work on all versions.

XP doesn't save.

Possible dvars:
0 < scr_xpscale < 5
0 < scr_weaponxpscale < 5


If you want more xp you have to find out yourself (hint: dvar).

[Image: ntaawesome.jpg]

Thanks to NTAuthority for telling me his method.
Thanks to estebes for testing.

Attached Files
.zip   RankedMW3.zip (Size: 4.35 KB / Downloads: 320)
[Image: azuw.jpg]
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Release nuked. XP doesn't save. Well played IW, this time you won.

This thread can be closed.
[Image: azuw.jpg]
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this means players can use ranked classes in dedi servers? if so , this plugin is a win anyway.
Plugin has potential, Not closing it.
However I'm gonna add a warning in full caps.
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  • OzonE
(10-30-2012, 22:31)OzonE Wrote: this means players can use ranked classes in dedi servers? if so , this plugin is a win anyway.

Actually no, I could do it but then the gametype would always be ffa.
[Image: azuw.jpg]
do it, you shouldnt care about the gametype anymore Tongue
Excuse me for asking but why have a ranked pugin if it doesn't save it?
Just adding more zero's to your score is what it looks like.
Am I missing something here?
[RBC] Choobie

Ratbag Clan

How to set XP? O_O
It works with a TeknoMw3 server or just on Steam? For me not
Heart Xilonor™|╭☛ Team [XtrM] SkillZz Heart
wrong place for your tekno version

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