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Release Old School Mod(e)
After 2 weeks of learning the basics of modding and trying stuff I finally completed my very first mod Big Grin

Its based on Old School Mode from cod4, i've only done 1 map which i'm still not sure of if the weapon spawns are in the right positions but its just to check if there are many bugs with the guns because i've noticed quite a lot

leave your opinion if I should continue with this mod and make it better, there is not much I can add or change but the weapon pickups are very unreliable.. its very buggy

I'm also not sure why but killingdyl's weapon spawn function seems to place weird models on the map instead of the model of the gun you get when you pick it up, I hope I can find a way to change this because it looks dump :p.

-Higher Jumps like in the original mode
-You spawn with a Skorpion, M1911 and a Frag
-You can pick up weapons on the map
-More health (1.5x)
-Slow health regeneration (15 sec)
-Killstreak stacking and standard killstreak loadout, UAV/Napalm/Attackheli
-Some other less important stuff

This I'm working on:
-Weapon pickups spawn random weapons
-Better pickup fx
-Sounds.. weapon respawn sound etc
-Perk pickups like in the original mode
-Some HUD changes for if I get the perks working
-Weapon will spin

Here is an example of a weird model, if you pick it up you actually get a AK74 Dualmag lol
[Image: 4d681b0743761-oldschool2.png]

If somebody know how to use ' RotateYaw( 360, 3, 0, 0 ); ' please send a PM

Thanks to:
- Met94 for helping me with the FX
- Everyone who posted their mods so I could look into em
- Killingdyl for his Weapon Spawn function

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(08-10-2011, 12:58)Pozzuh Wrote:
Se7en Wrote:Stealed, from cod4 mod ...
look who's talking

[Release] Old School Mod v2.2
[Release] Scroll menu

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niceeee!! keep it up! loved oldschool in cod4
Wow, really awesome.
great IAegle. looks good and nice to see another one learned to mod
nice Smile
Nice try making some more maps and it will be really nice. =D
Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest.

[Image: blaziqsig1.jpg]
Finally Big Grin
With lot of Questions^^
(Can i add u as Friend now^^ ?)
(02-25-2011, 23:43)timmytimp1 Wrote: Nice try making some more maps and it will be really nice. =D

For now you'll need to do that yourself, I'm going to work on something else because I got 2 great gametype idea's and I think these will be released before I'm going back on this..

to make maps:
1. open _rank.gsc
2. search for "doMaps()"
3. go into bunkermaker or however you want to find coordinates and put these coordinates/weapondata/fxdata in these codes:
for weapon:
PHP Code:
CreateWeapon("WEAPON CODE""WEAPON NAME", (XYZ), (000), 115); 
for fx:
PHP Code:
level thread createPickupGroundFX((XYZ), (9000)); 

and put these in the map you made them for, example:
PHP Code:
CreateWeapon("mp5k_elbit_mp""MP5k Red Dot", (3101.261566.16362.125), (000), 115);
CreateWeapon("mac11_rf_mp""MAC11 Rapid Fire", (2590.35, -669.885330.125), (000), 115);
CreateWeapon("m16_extclip_mp""M16 Extended Mags", (4029.1, -882.752330.125), (000), 115);
CreateWeapon("famas_reflex_mp""Famas Reflex Sight", (3257.48, -1932.31466.125), (000), 115);
CreateWeapon("fnfal_silencer_mp""Silenced FAL", (2314.37, -1806.61402.125), (000), 115);
CreateWeapon("ak47_dualclip_mp""AK74 Dual Mags", (3477.66, -1288.25466.125), (000), 115);
CreateWeapon("m60_elbit_grip_extclip_mp""Rambo's little girl", (3701.93659.677330.125), (000), 115);
CreateWeapon("l96a1_vzoom_mp""L96 Variable Zoom", (2988.79, -76.4892330.125), (000), 115);
CreateWeapon("spas_silencer_mp""Silenced SPAS", (1749.22, -433.601111.455), (000), 115);
level thread createPickupGroundFX((3101.261566.16362.125), (9000));
level thread createPickupGroundFX((2590.35, -669.885330.125), (9000));
level thread createPickupGroundFX((4029.1, -882.752330.125), (9000));
level thread createPickupGroundFX((3257.48, -1932.31466.125), (9000));
level thread createPickupGroundFX((2314.37, -1806.61402.125), (9000));
level thread createPickupGroundFX((3477.66, -1288.25466.125), (9000));
level thread createPickupGroundFX((3701.93659.677330.125), (9000));
level thread createPickupGroundFX((2988.79, -76.4892330.125), (9000));
level thread createPickupGroundFX((1749.22, -433.601111.455), (9000));

(02-25-2011, 23:53)Tomsen1410 Wrote: Finally Big Grin
With lot of Questions^^
(Can i add u as Friend now^^ ?)

Yeej xD well you got no, you can get yes (very bad translation of a dutch expression :p) I added you already so I dont see why you can't
(08-10-2011, 12:58)Pozzuh Wrote:
Se7en Wrote:Stealed, from cod4 mod ...
look who's talking

[Release] Old School Mod v2.2
[Release] Scroll menu

Nice mod keep it up.
I <3 your mod *__*

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