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[Release] GSC Key Coder


Is a tool that allows you to save Snippets or Codes so you can easy insert them to your work.
If you ever modded in MW2, I suppose you got a bit bored of Copy & Paste when you found your code. (And you even had to search for it.)
Well, now you can easily insert saved/stored codes/snippets.

NB: This Tool uses NotePad / NotePad++ to insert codes/snippets to. So any other writing tool you use will not be able. (Request tools to add!)

This is NOT the final product but for now, it is.
This can also be used to any other coding language or any other purpose. But it was mainly created for GSC.
(You can use it for/like: Any Programming language. (Not so useful unless using NotePad(++) to write in. Save Info you want to access easy and fast. And more.)

What to come:
Write Key Codes to create a mod of Snippets.
Syntax Checking. (Already made, but not happy about it.)
Auto save Threads from Program. (Might take some time...)

[Image: jhq3r7.png]

Virus Scans





I was going to add a link to the original website i found it on, but i wasn't entirely sure if i was allowed to or not, please tell me if i am, so i can link it Smile

I decided to release this in the MW3 section, because the MW2 section doesn't seem to be as active, and lots of people like to mess with .gsc files when doing modding, so yeah, if it's in the wrong spot, please feel free to move to the right forum.

Attached Files
.rar   GSC Key Tool.rar (Size: 2.28 MB / Downloads: 48)
[Image: 6vFJ9.png]

All i have to say is.....


Good release, Wrong section.
(06-28-2012, 12:07)JariZ Wrote: Good release, Wrong section.

Yeah sorry, i wasn't quite sure where to put it, you can move it if you wish, or i'll repost and delete this one...
[Image: 6vFJ9.png]

All i have to say is.....


I can't.
Heart @SuperNovaAO

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