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Release Chaotic Invasion Zombie Mod V2
Good night

I am posting one day before as what I thought the V2 of Chaotic Invasion(Made by Rendflex and me), this one:


What it has of new?

Well, we fixed some basic bugs, like the one in the Random Weapon Box, now works well, it has no bugs, also, we fixed some map bugs and added a map icon over flags, so people wont ask more for flags position. It also has Quickmessages(voices) if you press Z.

New killstreak:

We added a new killstreak that only works in Highrise using a new helicopter model: Highrise helicopter(the one in center of map)

Special Weapons:

We added a Thundergun(could be improved if you dont like it), a Packapunch version of crossbow (made by chronalis), Hell Chickens and a Winters Howl that I previewed in this forum.


We added the tank we made in Invasion, you can find one in center of map. You can drive it during 60 seconds and pawn some zombies.


Special Thanks to Chronalis and Maxmito7393

Other credits:

Virusscan: 0/41



You can see the other videos and screenshots in the other post(V1), this tank of the video is not the same that appears in mod, it works in a different way

Thanks for reading

Attached Files
.rar   ChaoticZombiesFinal V2.rar (Size: 116.63 KB / Downloads: 751)
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  • alvarogt95, Cgallagher, d0h!, duckz, HunterDK333, Nekochan, ollema
(03-25-2011, 21:25)d0h! Wrote: awwwww-e-some

thanks, Big Grin
Man I prefer the older version - the menu sometimes won't let me press SPACE and the jet can't shoot - Everything is fine in the older one for me.
Hey can someone help me i have the cracked version of mw2 and i want to load a zombie mod but i dont know what loader i am suppost to use and i dont know if it will work on cracked versions so if u can pls help thank you.Big Grin
[Image: 2nbvtyo.jpg]
where can i save the file?
(03-29-2011, 18:20)jarlisb Wrote: where can i save the file?

can i get banned?
Zombies can use weapons if theres one on the ground :S
(05-22-2011, 01:11)Zysor Wrote: Zombies can use weapons if theres one on the ground :S

Ehrm, but only for a few seconds... right?
(05-22-2011, 10:28)Rendflex Wrote:
(05-22-2011, 01:11)Zysor Wrote: Zombies can use weapons if theres one on the ground :S

Ehrm, but only for a few seconds... right?

nope, i picked an ump up and killed few ppl with it... But after u die it disappears,
and sometimes we spawn in the boxes where u can buy ammu, juggernaut etc...
And zombie always after they died have to change to their weapon with 1 first =_=

Annnnd after u played 1 round, in the second random box is bugged, cant take the weapon, cause it drops every time( everyone ). Because f this i had to restart the game after every first match =_=
Why do the humans don't have a buy menu? In the source code i see human things like buying ammo and stuff?

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