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Release BOQS for Olympia
I like the functionality of the BOQS Aimbot/Macro, and since the ExternalHack Aimbot does diddly for me, I have modded the BOQS for use with the Olympia.

The reason I modified BOQS is because I got tired of using the Sniper version for my shottys (Olympia and Stakeout). The ADS delay of 350 ms the sniper uses is WAY too long for a shot gun to be used effectively. So, I changed it to a shorter time, and modified the wait time between shots.

How To Use It: Hold down RightMouse (If you are using this in conjunction with Sph4cks ExternalHack, it will lock on to the nearest player. If not, then it simply points wherever you are aiming). It will fire one barrel after the other at maximum speed. YOU NEED TO BE USING SLIGHT OF HAND FOR THIS, OTHERWISE IT WILL NOT WORK!

All credit for this script goes to the author. His name is Ãåîðãèé Ìèíóëèí (also known as 63OR63). If you need help getting this to work with Sph4cks ExternalHack, please look at this thread here: http://www.itsmods.com/forum/Thread-Quic...-v1-5.html. If you enjoy, or think I did anything wrong, please tell me. My goal is to help.

Virusscan: http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanresult...b3ff1b9733

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