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Release Anti hardscope script
Yo everyone I decided to release this anti hardscope it times the scope out automatic in a certain of time this is for isnipe server only cause if you play with normal guns and you try aim it wil zoom out automatic soo thank you this is a script this has been tested a lot and works 100%Cool

If you don't know how to instal scripts on your server just add me on skype :matthewlouys1 or whatsapp:0712337490
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Please give a reply on the script would be nice for some feed back
If you want more awesome scripts just add me on skype or whatsapp my details are in the top post and trust me you would really like them a lot if they running on your server sooo why not
where is dat
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]

[Image: b_560_95_1.png]

(12-05-2013, 13:12)hillbilly Wrote: where is dat

I removed it quiet a long time ago I'll send it to you threw email if you want give me your email
y el link????
CosX/SvZ teknogods servers have this shiii, this is not the only website with scripts and plugins tho. But I have no idea how do we even put scripts to work &  plugins. Looks useless to have scripts and plugins if they don't work ha.

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