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Release AlterRcon v. 0.76
version 0.73 wasn't working for me but v.0.74 work fine and is great tool
i like stat, headshoot count and other.
Da best ever recon THANKS and please don't stop development...

2nd time for this question ;D:
I host private match with cmmod 2.6 and its sad to kick players by name and stuff.
possible to administrate a private match with rcon toll and connect to what rcon i have to enter?!
would be very nice if someone can answer..

best regards

no its never localhost ip. use your external ip and try it with port 3074. search in console for rcon, you can probably set a password there. just try if it works

waz up no more wager macht?

why isn`t the [rank] option working i add it by chatresponder and welcome messages?

I just fill in [rank] or have i done something wrong!!!!

Thnx already

hello guys i am trying to set killcam on ,hardcore ranked server

scr_game_allowkillcam 1

but i get this error
Unknown command "scr_game_allowkillcam"

any help plsBlush

updated, have fun

Version 0.75a
-Now correctly saves the gameservers log URL
-Now saves the size of the log that is retrieved at one time
-Removes the gameservers login, password, and subID fields to stop confusion
-Addresses auto connect issues (should work the same as version 0.74)

Version 0.75
- Chat logs now updated every 10 seconds (previously was 60s).

How to set auto kick on the server, step by step?

Plis ?

Quote:If your auto kick and chat do not work, make sure you only have your URL log entered in the ServerConfig Tab.

DO NOT enter both the URL and the Username/SubId/Password (located on the bottom of the ServerConfig Tab)

Your URL Log is found in the login. Go to your black ops server, and it is found under the INFO tab. Just copy and paste the code as is into the AlterRcon.

ALSO NOTE: WHEN YOU SEE THE URL IN THE NEW WINDOW(picture 2), CLICK IT, THEN COPY THE URL FROM YOUR BROWSER WINDOW'S NAVIGATION BAR. If you copy the URL from the new window that pops up, 90% of the time, you will get a ton of spaces in front of the URL that could throw off the rcon program.


Every copy of this page https: / / /

I have some photos of how to do it?
pasted to the server config url:

What's next?

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