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RaZ's giveaway thread
Free Age of Wonders @ GoG: (scroll to mid page)

Free download of Christmas Shopper Simulator ( Dumb Bitch goes here )

If website's d/l links are broken use these:
PC :

Bawlhalla Early Acess Steam key:

Unlimited multiplayer access to TrackMania Stadium and ShootMania Storm until April 2015!
Free access to TrackMania Canyon & Valley and all community-created content. Unlimited for 48h after registration. Daily time limit after that.

Free AfterFall Insanity Extended Edition steam key:

I have completed that game, it was hard and really challanging, I recommend to give it a try if you like dead things moving.

Free 7 Steam game:
- Enclave
- East India Company Gold Edition
- Knightshift
- Knights and Merchants HD (notice: steam store doesn't says 'HD', also I remember to good old times about that game)
- Pirates of Black Cove
- Commander: Conquest of the Americas
- Two Worlds Game of the Year Edition.

- register on
- go to your profile (
- scroll down to Steam games and click on the blue buttons to attach the games to your Steam account

FREE Steam key for Dead Bits

"Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection" Steam key giveaway:

Shadows on the Vatican Act I: Greed free steam key:

Well, that is not a game, but atleast useful:

- you need a Microsoft account (outlook or hotmail for example) AND a Dropbox account.

1 Year of 100GB OneDrive Cloud Storage giveaway:

1. Visit the OneDrive bonus website:
2. Click the Verify and get my storage button
3. Sign into your Microsoft account (or register one first)
4. Once you logged in, the OneDrive app will ask you for standard permissions to access your information, allow it.

5. Click the Save to Dropbox button to add a small PDF file to your Dropbox. This will require you to log in to your Dropbox account (or register one first).
6. After the PDF has been uploaded, you will be redirected to a confirmation page that says Your bonus storage was successfully applied!

You can check your current storage via this link: The additional 100GB of free cloud storage is known as the Enthusiast bonus in the OneDrive account.

Keep uploading Big Grin

What if I delete pdf file? Troll

Thank you.
C++/Obj-Cdeveloper. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click

(02-22-2015, 12:04)Nekochan Wrote: What if I delete pdf file? Troll

Thank you.

Your computer explodes

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