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PubFun & MapEdit
Well this is my mod, played online like fulbanned and was funny, two rank.gsc, now is set to free class and Vip menu (god mode only 100 healt, but can be edit like killstreak), is "working in progres" mode, unlimited ammo godmode all infection for vip only also set airdrop mega or chopper gunner, killstreak cycle don't work properly, but copy and paste is easy to do.Map edit what new then leeched code from killingdly or metPl ? First my fix to get solid tree, Highrise map is not complete but like cod BO map (was make it after play OITC from Zalew), afghan there's an hummer but after exploding change model to other car (???), can make it solid to. Warning there's still deathpoint in the map (mhuahahah) cuz killtriger. Karachi got secret base, can be add camera control or gun inside, adding some nemesiss edit make it some limit.
And my lovely teddybear on Estate (supporting map terminal, highrise and favela ).

If u use it in Pub don't load mapedit or players leave, to make this simple add // at the end of init() thread.

All are free to edit map, if someone want complete highrise send here and will adding, also remove killtriger to swimingpool or in Afghan map are welcomme.

Creditz :
All who make code and me to get it togheter ......

To play w/ fulbanned account in pub lobby , wait until Steam is of line open MW2 w/ mod loaded, when steam turn online go to lobby, if u will see ".+." at the round start u got hostpower......
Don't force Host, try before change lobby or gametype and you got 2 or 3 hours of funnytime.

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